Lee Corso Really Hates Wearing This School's Headgear











Lee Corso’s weekly headgear picks during the college football season set the ESPN College GameDay pregame show apart. But while Corso wears his fair share of mascot heads from different universities, there is one that pains him to put on.
During a recent interview with AL.com, Corso opened up about his least favorite headgear.
Once you remember that Corso played college football at Florida State, it comes as no surprise that he dreads putting on the Florida Gators mascot head.
Along with being a hated rival, Corso says the Florida headgear is just flat out uncomfortable.
“I hate the Florida Gators anyhow, being a Florida State man,” Corso told AL.com’s Mark Heim in a recent interview. “I hate to put the Florida Gator head on. The Florida Gator head is long and funny looking. It scrapes my nose. Every time I put that thing on I get scraped and blood comes down my face.”

The good news for Corso is that the Gators are attempting to bounce back from a 4-7 season, so he probably won’t have the opportunity to wear the Florida head this season.

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