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Jalen Hurts Rumors: Will Alabama QB Transfer To Texas State?


With Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa battling it out for the starting quarterback job, there are reports that Hurts could leave the Alabama football program if he loses out on the No. 1 gig. Because a transfer could be coming, there have been plenty of rumors circulating and conversation about where he could land. That led to a wild rumor today that was making the rounds on social media.

Where did the rumor claim Hurts could land? Texas State.

“Jalen Hurts to transfer from Alabama football program, sources have confirmed. Hurts’ father has indicated to Texas State Insider that Hurts plans to enroll at Texas State this summer to begin workouts with the team,” the Twitter account TxStateInsider tweeted. “I have spoken with sources close to the family and more information should be coming out of Tuscaloosa after lunch. Stay tuned.”

You may be thinking to yourself, “Jalen Hurts to Texas State? That’s just crazy.” And you’re probably right.

The Twitter account that started the rumor has just over 300 followers. Of course, no one seems to be buying the rumor and plenty of people have mocked the idea that Hurts could leave Tuscaloosa to play for the Bobcats.

Hurts is from Texas, so it’s possible that he will decide to move closer to home if he leaves the Crimson Tide, but Texas State is an unlikely option. When you lead a top-tier program to two consecutive national championship game appearances, you’re going to have much better options.


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