Will Nick Saban Retire Soon Or Could He Coach Into His 70s?

Just how long will Nick Saban continue coaching the Alabama football program? Would he even consider a different job to close out his career? With six national championships and numerous Coach of the Year awards already on his resume, Saban has nothing left to prove. He is already widely regarded as one of the best coaches of all-time, so will he have the motivation to stick around?
This weekend, ESPN college football reporter Chris Low weighed in on just how long he believes the 66-year-old will remain on the sidelines.
And while it may come as a surprise, Low believes Saban will continue coaching “well into his 70s” during an appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show heading into the weekend.
“Nick does admit that he hears some of that on the recruiting trail, but he doesn’t even think in those terms,” Low said, via 247Sports. “Nick thinks about what’s in front of him. I know he’s had conversations with Steve Spurrier and others. Steve probably put it best and he told me, ‘When you think about retiring, you’re already retired. That’s the mistake I made. Nick’s not thinking about retiring. It’s not even crossed his mind.’
“Nick took it a step further and said it was something he couldn’t even imagine, (him) not coaching football. I think the guy is going to coach well into his 70s.”
Saban continues to have one of the most talented rosters in college football year after year. And he has some of the best recruiting classes in the nation, so why not just continue leading the young men you have already invested in? If Saban truly does still love coaching and it gives him the fire, there’s no reason to walk away while he remains at the top of the coaching world.

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