Kyle Snyder Deserves The Top Spot On Ohio State's Mount Rushmore

Kyle Snyder has always been a success, but what he was able to accomplish during his collegiate career with the Ohio State Buckeyes is nothing short of remarkable. Snyder did the impossible. Most importantly, though, Snyder made history come alive. As the story goes, he took home the Triple Crown of American wrestling after a sweep at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He was the youngest wrestler to win the World, NCAA, and Olympic championships in the same year.
“There’s nothing I want to do that I haven’t already done… I just want to become a better wrestler. I think there are positions where I can get better, and can improve my mentality and strength and all those things that go into being a good athlete,” Snyder acknowledged.
But of course, there is more to be told. So let’s dive into how a young boy becomes the world’s best wrestler.

Kyle Snyder

Full Name: Kyle Frederick Snyder
Birthdate: November 20, 1995.
Age: 22
Birth Place: Woodbine, Maryland
Height: 5-foot-11
School: Ohio State University

Early Life

At an early age, Snyder had the vision to become the world’s greatest wrestler of all-time.
Once Snyder enrolled in the religious private school, Our Lady of Good Counsel, he got right down to business. One-by-one, each year, he punched past each of his opponent’s. As he slowly progressed in school, next thing you know, the most surreal thing happened. He garnered a 179-0 record in just his first three years. Unbelievable. And it only gets better. In August 2013, he became the youngest American to do one of the most extraordinary things ever — which was winning the FILA Junior World Championship in over 20 years. Then, it was time for his last year of high school.
At 18, he was onto his big challenge as a wrestler which was facing off against the top-ranked wrestlers from around the world, while representing Team USA as the youngest-ever member of the Beat the Streets All-Star team. With that said, he was on the road to becoming an Olympic gold medalist.

College Career

Then, his fans watched him attend go across the state of Ohio, to Ohio State. What happened next? He was up against an insurmountable obstacle. But he made it look as easy as pie. He knocked out the reigning World Champion, Russia’s Abdusalam Gadisov, for his 2015 World Championship in Las Vegas.
As a Buckeye wrestler, he was on top of his game. His first victory was an overtime win in the World’s Most Famous Arena, also known as, Madison Square Garden. He ousted North Carolina State University’s Nick Gwiazdowski, preventing him from sealing his third consecutive NCAA heavyweight title. In that case, he’s considered to be the greatest of all-time.

The Best Wrestler On The Planet?

Some will say Snyder is the best pound-to-pound guy there is, however, others grow weary of that assertion. I mean, seriously, what has he not accomplished yet? Already, he became the youngest Olympic gold medalist as well as the youngest World Champion in American wrestling history. And you can just go on and on how he made history come about. So what is it that makes him stand out?
These two simple words: “Work Ethic.” How so? Well, he is able to almost always maintain disciplined at the point of total exertion and have a mature approach to the daily rigor that wrestling demands. As his U.S. assistant coach, Lou Rosselli, once said, “He’s a 20-year-old body with a 30-year-old brain. When you work like that, you’re supposed to have success.”

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