LaVar Ball Reacts To Rumor Lonzo Ball's Injury Was 'Leaked' By Camp

You knew it was coming, but LaVar Ball has spoken out about rumors that reports of his son Lonzo Ball’s injury was intentionally leaked by his “camp” in order to halt any potential trades from the Los Angeles Lakers. The possibility that the news was intentionally leaked was first raised by ESPN’s Jalen Rose after it was reported on July 1 that Lonzo would miss significant time due to knee and shoulder issues.
With the Ball family’s love of Los Angeles and their efforts to control the media, it really isn’t an outlandish claim. But LaVar Ball is having none of it.
During an interview with TMZ Sports, LaVar discussed the possibility of the injury intentionally being leaked when he immediately tried to squash those rumors in the most LaVar Ball way possible.

“First of all, Lonzo doesn’t have a camp. We a family. Camp is when you put a bunch of guys together that you don’t know. That’s a camp. We don’t have no camp.
You never heard me talk, you never heard me say ‘oh Lonzo’s hurt! Oh, his back his hurt…’ You never heard me talk like that.
…. Why would it come from me? I don’t talk like that. I don’t baby nothing.
…. I don’t leak nothing. I always say what’s on my mind, so you don’t never see me saying, ‘I think I should say this now and let it leak.’ I don’t do that.”

Well, if LaVar says it then it must be true, right? We’d suggest taking it all with a grain of salt.

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