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John Schnatter Says Louisville Is Lying About Stadium Name Decision


Former Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter found himself in some hot water after it was revealed that he used a racial slur during a conference call. The scandal led to Schnatter stepping down from his role with Papa John’s while also being removed from the Louisville’s Board of Trustees. Most recently, Schnatter, who owned the naming rights for the Cardinals’ football stadium, learned that he would be having the Papa John’s name removed.

But while the decision to distance themselves from Schnatter is understandable, the former Mr. Papa John is saying that the school is not being honest about their dealings with him.

Louisville President Neeli Bendapudi said that Schnatter apologized and gave the school his blessing to change the name, but he says that simply is not true.

From the Courier-Journal:

“I worked on this board for two years,” Schnatter told WLKY. “I said, ‘Hey, let’s play it straight. Let’s put the cards on the table. Let’s be transparent. Clean business is good business.’ And I’m gone two days, and they’re already caving. They’re already not being honest. That’s been disappointing.”

Asked by WLKY if he would fight his name being taken off the stadium, Schnatter didn’t give a definitive answer, saying “I just found out about it.”

The current naming rights deal with Schantter was through 2040, so there is no word on whether Louisville can immediately begin looking for a new naming rights sponsor or whether they will be forced to pay out a portion of the remaining deal.

The University of Louisville has also decided to take John Schnatter’s name off of the business school.


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