Jeff Goodman Apologizes For Nonstop LaVar Ball Coverage

Jeff Goodman has moved on from his job covering basketball for NBA, so he has recently spent some time reflecting on his time with the Worldwide Leader. Over his final year with the network, Goodman spent a majority of his time covering LaVar Ball and his youngest sons — LiAngelo and LaMelo — during their failed experiment in Lithuania.
During his “Good ‘N Plenty” podcast, Goodman discussed his time covering the Ball family and even offered up an apology to former colleague Scott Van Pelt for giving the Big Baller Brand patriarch such a big platform.
Goodman’s comments can be seen below, as transcribed by USA TODAY’s For The Win:

Goodman: I want to apologize to you because you always told me, ‘I don’t want to deal with that guy. I don’t want to promote him.’ And I kind of was probably the start of the LaVar Ball Promotional Tour. And now, I completely regret it. So, I want to apologize to you for that as I saw that because I never thought it would get to where it is. And now I feel …
SVP: You owe me no apology. I just chose, at an early stage, early on in his son’s freshman year at UCLA (the only Ball who ever made it there for any period of time or made it on the floor at all) … just he’s not a story to me. That stuff doesn’t interest me. And so, I kind of tapped out of all of it because as I said on the air, I don’t find it to be interesting. It’s nonsense. I mean, talking junk about LeBron James and continuing to do so. You know, whatever man.
Goodman: And why the hell would you do it now when your son is on the same team as LeBron James?
SVP: For now.
Goodman: How disrespectful. He’s just not very bright. Ultimately that’s just what I’ll say: He’s just not very bright. Because if he was, he wouldn’t put all three of his kids in harm’s way like he has.

The good news for Goodman is that he no longer has to spend time freezing in Lithuania covering the Ball family. And we all benefit from a microphone no longer always being in front of LaVar Ball’s face, too.

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