Top 10 Best Uniforms In College Football

College Football Saturdays are fast approaching, and you all know that can only mean one thing. New Uniforms. Yes, the one thing that we can always count on, regardless of how successful your team has been, is some fresh new duds to take the field in.
Here is our list of the top 10 programs with the best uniforms:

10: Temple

The Owls have been on the up and coming for a few years now, and there is no better way for a rising team to feel like they belong than with some fresh gear. If the classic white Jersey and maroon helmet doesn’t do it for you, then look no further than the teams new all black or all gray uniforms which they unveiled for the upcoming 2018 season.

9: NC State

The Wolfpack is working hard to continue improving on the field, and Adidas has been working just as hard to ensure that they look good doing it. Not only have the classic red/white uniforms been improved, but the recently unveiled all-black alternates are on a whole other level. From the helmets sporting the Wolfpack logo, to the shoulder striped, these jerseys have a clean look through and through, and for the icing on the cake, the Wolfpack logo on the pants tops it all off.

8: Maryland

From the helmets to the shoulder accents, there are few designs in football that can match up to the swagger that the Maryland flag carries. Highlight that with one of the red, white, or black uniforms and you have some of the best looking jerseys in all of football.


UCLA has always been amongst the top college programs when it comes to on the field swag. Whether it was the classic blue and gold’s, or the new iced out all-whites, the Bruins always bring their A-game, but none of these perhaps look as sleek as the above ‘LA Midnight’ uniforms. The patterned design of the jersey gives it almost a carbon fiber-esque look, and the classic blue/gold shoulder combo brings it all together.

6: Tennessee

Tennessee has always had a consistent look with their orange/white color combo, but they recently spiced things up with the addition of their gray alternates. The orange on this one just seems to pop, and the checkered stripe along the pants just works plain and simple.

5: Miami (FL)

The phrase “Look good, feel good, play good.” may apply more to the Universtiy of Miami more than any other team. The bad boys of Florida and Adidas have put together quite a wardrobe since they teamed up, from their “icy” all whites, black alternates, or the classic green/white combos, none of these are quite as iconic as the signature orange jersey shown above.

4: Florida State

The arrow, the shoulder/collar design, the maroon/gold color combo, not much needs to be said when it comes to FSU. These jerseys are flat out fresh, and this doesn’t just apply to the whites shown above. The maroon and the black jerseys are equally impressive, but there’s something about that sleek white.

3: TCU

One of the fresher looks in all of college football, TCU always brings the heat when it comes to uniforms. The purple paired with either white, gray or black just seems to pop. Pair that with a sweet camo design, and you have one of the most electric uniforms in the game today.

2: Ohio State

One of the more iconic looks in College Football, Ohio State has kept it simple and smooth with their scarlet and gray color combo. While the regular home/away jerseys are classic for a reason, the Buckeyes have also added some sweet alternates in the past year such as the scarlet with stripes going down the stomach, the black/scarlet, and even the all white and black jerseys, Ohio State certainly looks the part as one of the more storied programs in the game.

1: Oregon

No surprise here, with the Nike headquarters located close by, it seems Oregon has a new uniform every week practically. The seemingly endless combination of uniforms that the Ducks have available keeps fans guessing week in and week out, and that is why they land at the number one spot on our list.
Do you agree with our list? Let us know below what you think and if we left someone out!

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