Michigan Football: Shea Patterson Receives High Praise From Coaches


Michigan football fans are eager to see new quarterback Shea Patterson, who transferred to Ann Arbor from Ole Miss, suit up and take the field for the 2018 season. And while they have to wait a couple of weeks until the Wolverines’ season-opener, recent comments from the team’s coaching staff will have the Michigan faithful even more excited to see their new signal-caller.
When speaking about Patterson’s performance during practices, Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown, one of the best defensive coordinators in the nation, praised the quarterback for what he has been able to do.
From the Detroit Free Press:

“(The experience) piece gets overlooked,” defensive coordinator Don Brown said with regard to Patterson. “It’s ‘oh, this guy’s a good player, let him play (and then it’s) well why isn’t he playing good?’ Why don’t you let him have a chance to breathe and then let him play, how about that? Sometimes I think we forget about that. But (Patterson) has played, he’s played a lot.

“He’s been in the soup at high levels so I think that gives him general respect. But the way he goes about doing it, he’s certainly earned my respect. He came in and talked coverage today with the boss. So, he’s just a great kid and I’m excited to see him play against other people.

“He’s a veteran guy, a confident guy. He has the ability to do things with his legs and he’s got a quick release. I just like the guy. I just like him. He’s a good guy, confident guy as I said and a very good athlete. So when you couple the ability to throw and maneuver and move around as an athlete (it’s a good thing.”

Throughout his college career, the junior quarterback has thrown for 3,139 yards, 23 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.
The Wolverines officially kickoff their 2018 campaign on Saturday, Sept. 1 against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Kickoff at Notre Dame Stadium is set for 7:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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