Who Is Cheung Kie-chung? Hong Kong Professor Accused Of Murder

Cheung Kie-chung, a professor at the University of Hong Kong, has been arrested on suspicion of killing his wife. The professor’s wife’s body was found inside of a suitcase in his office. His wife was found wearing only her underwear with an electric wire tied around her neck.
Cheung Kie-chung had reported his wife missing on Aug. 20.

From the Daily Mail:

Police said they became suspicious of Cheung after CCTV footage failed to show his wife leaving their home at Wei Lun Hall on campus, while Cheung was seen moving a large wooden box out of the premises. On Tuesday afternoon police searched Cheung’s office in the Haking Wong Building, a five-minute drive from the dormitory where he lives with his wife and children. ‘There was blood seeping out from the suitcase and it stank,’ Superintendent Law Kwok-hoi told reporters Tuesday night.

According to investigators, Cheung killed his wife, Tina Chan, after a dispute involving “toilet hygiene.”
When the investigation began, Cheung had emailed students in a dormitory that he managed to let them know to not be concerned over any police presence as they investigated a missing person related to his family.
“You may have noticed the presence of police officers in (the hall) and the surrounding areas in the past few days,” Cheung wrote.
“They are here to investigate a missing person case involving my family. There is nothing to worry about among the students. I apologize for the anxiety that this has caused.”
The university has also addressed the situation.
“I am sure that you are as saddened and shocked as I am,” HKU Vice-Chancellor Xiang Zhang said, via CNN. “While the details are uncertain, what is clear is that a tragic event has occurred, and many students, staff and alumni will be affected. Our thoughts are with the affected ones at this very difficult time.”
The university is offering services to help students and faculty while they deal with the news.

Where Is The University of Hong Kong?

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Caitlin Denison Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
Caitlin Denison Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
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