Rashan Gary Injury Update: Michigan Star's Mother Provides New Details

Michigan football star Rashan Gary has been battling injuries throughout the 2018 season. He has been held out of action for the past few weeks after aggravating his injury against Northwestern on Oct. 6. Few details have been provided on his status, but Gary’s mother, Jennifer Coney-Shepherd has provided an update on his injury which is to his AC joint.
Jennifer provided an update in a message shared on social media.
It has been suggested that Gary would benefit from rest rather than fighting through the injury which could eventually require if he attempts to fight through the pain.
The message read:

“Rashan & (sic) I appreciate your support. He got hurt a week b4 the Notre Dame game. However, he decided that he could play through it & rehab during the week. However, at UM its all or nothing and daily practice is just like a game..so he never had the chance to rest..then the last game he played he fell on it and the pain was unbearable. After MRI & CT Scan he was told that if he DID NOT rest, treatment, rehab and continued to play (4 to 6 weeks). The next time he may need surgery. So…he followed medical direction, and he’s feeling so much better. To play before that time would be detrimental to himself & a disservice to his team mates. So why would people say he’s quitting football because he has to heal?
My son is and always will be a warrior. My son is a Wolverine! He has pride in himself, his team & his academics & until Michigan plays their last game he will be a part of the team. He will however, not participant until he is fully recovered…Now that you know…there’s no need for rumor or speculation.”

This season, Gary has recorded 18 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss and 2.0 sacks. If the injury continues to flare up, there have been suggestions that Gary, a projected first-round pick, could decide to shut it down for the season to prepare for the NFL Draft.

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