Hottest Female News Anchors In The World

The news industry is booming with a whirlwind of events taking place across the world. With the wide range of politics, sports, and news events coverage, the networks bring in analysts and reporters from all regions of the world to bring you as close to the action as possible. Networks like FOX News and CNN has consistently pumped out some of the hottest female sports reporters and anchors in the business and we are here to appreciate that.
From anchors to sideline reporters to journalists and commentators, the news media has a stable of attractive and beautiful women who grace your screen each and every day across the network’s various platforms.
There are some familiar names that you will come across, but also some up-and-coming stars on television and across the world that it’s time to keep a close eye on.
Who made the cut?
The hottest female television personalities can be seen below.

50. Julie Banderas

Julia Banderas, an alum of Emerson College, is a news anchor for FOX News where she serves in multiple roles as a fill-in anchor. She initially hosted FOX Report Weekend when she made her debut with the network. Banderas is married to Andrew J. Sansone, a member of the Habit for Humanity board of directors. The couple has three children together.


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