WATCH: College Basketball Player Sucker Punches Opponent

One of the toughest debates in sports is whether or not a hit or foul is flagrant. At times, fouls can appear to be more severe than they really are in real-time, but this incident between a player from the Fitchburg State basketball team and Nichols leaves no doubt.
In a video shared on social media by Overtime, No. 23 from Fitchburg State, who is listed as Kewan Platt, makes a direct run at Nichols guard Nate Tenaglia.
Both teams play in Division III.
After Tenaglia launches a three-point shot, Platt continues charging and delivers a sucker punch right to the face. Tenaglia falls to the ground, Platt keeps it moving, and the referees were somehow oblivious to the entire incident.
Check out the video below:

Something tells us that there will be some punishment from the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference or NCAA, though neither has commented on the incident at the time of this posting.
What do you think the proper punishment would be? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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