Ex-Gators Coach Spurrier Trolls Vols In Latest AAF Win

If you didn’t know already, there’s a new football league called the Alliance of American Football (AAF) to cure your football withdrawal, now that the NFL’s time is up for the year. There are some pretty revelating names in the new league that are worth seeing again, like the legendary Bears linebacker Mike Singletary, running back and former first-rounder out of Alabama Trent Richardson, and ex-Rams head coach Mike Martz.
One of the names, former Florida Gators and South Carolina Gamecocks Head Coach Steve Spurrier, decided to continue his coaching career with the now 2-0 Orlando Apollos and after his second win in the league over the San Antonio Commanders, completing a 12-point comeback down 29-17 and winning 37-29.
He may have found a new home in the Orlando Apollos, but it still looks like the “Head Ball Coach” enjoys sending shots toward his old SEC rivals, recently demonstrated in a post-game interview with CBSSports’s John Schriffen.
Following the comeback win, Spurrier was asked whether or not the crowd noise played a factor in the matchup. Spurrier replied cheekily by downplaying the effect the noise had while poking some fun at his old SEC foe Tennessee by saying, “It was just as loud as Rocky Top to tell you the truth.”
When Spurrier was at Florida, beating the Vols became a staple in a College Football season. He beat them eight out of the 12 times when he was in Gainesville, en route to six SEC titles and a national championship in 1996. While at South Carolina, he didn’t repeat the same amount of success but still had a pretty good win percentage against the Vols, beating Tennessee five times in the eleven games he coached against them. In 2013 however, the Volunteers beat Spurrier’s Gamecocks, ultimately costing them a shot at the SEC title.

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