College Basketball Rankings – AP Top 25 Week 17

So this week of college basketball was relatively eventful, to say the least. We saw former No.1 Duke suffer a crushing defeat at the hands of the Luke Maye and Cameron Johnson-led No. 8 UNC Tar Heels after Zion’s shoe literally exploded just 36 seconds into the matchup right in front of the former President of the United States.
No. 5 Tennessee lost to up and coming SEC contenders No. 13 LSU in an overtime dogfight, while No. 10 Michigan State knocked off their in-state rival No. 7 Michigan in Beilein’s Crisler Center and No. 3 Virginia overcame a 10 point deficit to beat No. 18 Louisville Cardinals. The defending champion No. 17 Villanova Wildcats surprisingly suffered another loss in the Big East to Xavier, promptly dropping them out of the top 25 this time around. What goes down is due to come up, as No. 2 Gonzaga won handily on Saturday night, making them the new best team in the country.
So many happenings, so little time left to go.
We are only weeks away from the culminating conclusion to regular season play. Conference tournaments, Selection Sunday and, what everyone’s been waiting for, the big dance, is in reaching distance for players, coaches, college basketball analysts on television and fans as far as the eye can see. March is only days away, and whatever storylines left of this season that have yet to develop will reveal themselves on headlines aplenty in the coming days and weeks. For now, check out the Week 17 installment of the Associated Press Top 25.

AP Top 25 – Week 17

  1. Gonzaga (44)
  2. Virginia (15)
  3. Duke (3)
  4. Kentucky (2)
  5. North Carolina
  6. Michigan State
  7. Tennessee
  8. Houston
  9. Michigan
  10. Marquette
  11. Texas Tech
  12. Nevada
  13. LSU
  14. Purdue
  15. Kansas
  16. Kansas State
  17. Maryland
  18. Florida State
  19. Wisconsin
  20. Virginia Tech
  21. Buffalo
  22. Iowa
  23. Cincinnati
  24. Wofford
  25. Washington

Others Receiving Votes: Louisville (90), Villanova (63), Iowa St. (58), Mississippi St. (28), Auburn (16), Baylor (10), VCU (4), Old Dominion (2), New Mexico St. (1).

Poll Methodology

The top 25 teams in the Associated Press’ College Basketball poll are determined on a point-based system. First place votes are noted in parentheses. A team receives 25 points for a first-place vote, 24 for a second-place vote and so on through one point for the 25th-place vote and prior ranking.

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