Calipari Family Reacts To Viral ESPN Interview

John Calipari is one of the more outspoken coaches in college basketball. His definition of success is more related to how his players do in the NBA rather than how far his players succeed during the season. During his interview with ESPN, Calipari had the NBA jerseys of his players in the NBA.

The ESPN crew laughed at the site as it seemed like Calipari was boasting of all the high-quality NBA players that he has coached. People on social media believed that the Kentucky head coach had filled his basement on purpose to show off his success at developing talent. The scene of his basement got such a reaction from social media that his own daughters took to Twitter about it.

His daughter Erin Calipari said that she loved how people that her father had purposefully placed the jerseys and that it was not there the whole time. His other daughter Megan said that was how the basement looked everyday. While their reaction to the interview was great, Calipari himself might have had the best reaction to the interview.

Calipari did not explain why he had all the jerseys of his former NBA players in his basement but apologized to Karl Anthony Towns for not having his jersey. He joked that the Minnesota Timberwolves star had to sign and send him the jersey for him. Towns has not responded to his former head coach about giving him a jersey.
Calipari has had a top-10 pick in the NBA draft in every year that he has been at Kentucky and is proud of what his players have accomplished. Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins are two of the best big men in the NBA, while Jamal Murray is one of the NBA’s most underrated players. Calipari is always a coach to watch during the NCAA Tournament as the Kentucky Wildcats are the number two seed in the Midwest Region.
If the Wildcats have an unsuccessful tournament, people on social media will say that Calipari is more focused on what his basement looks like than how his team performs in March.

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