LaMelo Ball To Play In China Or Australia Next Season

It looks like LaMelo Ball is heading back overseas. Despite expressing his desire to place college basketball and claiming to have spoken with people tied to the USC and Kansas basketball programs, it looks like the youngest Ball brother will not be attempting to fight the NCAA for eligibility.
Due to his professional status from his time in Lithuania and his close ties to the Big Baller Brand — where he has a signature sneaker — the uphill battle to gain NCAA eligibility appears to be too much for Big Baller Brand patriarch LaVar Ball.
As a result, LaMelo will spend the final year of his pre-NBA career by leaving the country to play professionally rather than suiting up for the NBA G-League.
LaVar addressed a crowd during halftime of the Big Baller Brand All-American Game when he unveiled his latest plans for LaMelo.

“I’m going to let you know the plan know so everyone can just stop,” LaVar said, as transcribed by Lonzo Wire. “With college, I already knew what they were about to do. ‘We’re going to investigate, we’re not going to let him play until we let him play, LaVar. We’re not going to let you do all that big mouth talking and then we’re going to hold him back and a whole year goes by.’ The G League … I’m not going to let no 28, 29-year-old dudes tee off on him. He’s trying to make a name for himself, so he’s definitely going overseas … to either Australia or China.”
It is pretty interesting to see LaVar once again targetting the lower levels of international play — especially China, which is where his middle son LiAngelo was arrested for shoplifting which ultimately ended his NCAA career. The Chinese Basketball League also has strict restrictions for foreign players which limits their playing time.
However, this is the Big Ballers we are talking about, and they have been anything but conventional during their time in the spotlight.

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