NFL 2019: Latest Updates and Week 1 Odds

Betting has started for the next NFL season as early as January of this year. In fact, bettors have been looking forward to placing their bets even before the New England Patriots clutched their sixth championship win last season.
Bookies had different starts when they started accepting bets on the next NFL season. Westgate Sportsbook in Nevada started with 6/1 odds for the Los Angeles Ram, making them the favorite in early January of this year. The following week, the Kansas City Chiefs then got the 6/1 odds.
Fan Duel in New Jersey had it different as it was the New England Patriots that quickly became the favorite. The Patriots remained the favorite before and after the closing of the last season for this bookie.
Overall for most bookies, the top 5 teams that were the favorites are The New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints, and Los Angeles Chargers. This remained the same for the first half of this year.
Last April, the full 2019 regular schedule for the whole season was released and fans had more things to look forward to. Surely, the NFL odds quickly changed after this release. 
But here is the Week 1 line-up for the upcoming NFL season:
September 5 (Thursday):
Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears
September 8 (Sunday):
Atlanta Falcons vs Minnesota Vikings
Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles
Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets
Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins
Kansan City Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns
Los Angeles Rams vs Carolina Panthers
Cincinnati Bengals vs Seattle Seahawks
Indianapolis Colts vs Los Angeles Chargers
San Francisco 49ers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys
Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots
September 9 (Monday):
Houston Texans vs New Orleans Saints
Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders
So next NFL season opens with a match between the Packers and Bears. It’s a great kickoff game as these two teams are known for their rivalry. Both teams have gone against each other 197 times since the year 1921.
If you plan on placing bets as early as the first game, Packers are currently the favorite with a +3½. The Bears have -3½ on their name.
It doesn’t take long before the next game comes on. That Sunday, September 8, has a long line-up of matches. First up are the Vikings and Falcons. You can say that both teams didn’t really soar last season and you can expect them to be very eager this year.
Odds between the two are favored by the Falcons with +4 on its name. The Vikings have -4 on theirs, which is quite surprising as they are the home favorites to begin the season. There is a total of 13 matches scheduled on this day, including this. Here’s a quick rundown of the favorites for this game so far:

  • Redskins: +4 vs Vikings: -4
  • Bills: +9 vs Jets: -9
  • Jaguars: +3 ½ vs Chiefs: -3 ½ 
  • Dolphins: +4 ½ vs Ravens: -4 ½ 
  • Titans: + 5 ½ vs Browns: -5 ½ 
  • Panthers: +3 vs Rams: -3
  • Bengals: +9 vs Seahawks: -9
  • Colts: +3 vs Chargers: -3
  • 49ers: +1 vs Buccaneers: -1
  • Cardinals: +2 ½ vs Lions: -2 ½ 
  • Giants: +7 vs Cowboys -7
  • Steelers: +6 vs Patriots: -6

The next day, September 9, is the first Monday Night Football game of the season. This will be held at the Superdome, the home of the defending NFC South champion Saints. You might remember that they have the worst missed penalty call in the NFL history. That happened the last time they were there. Heart-wrenchingly, that kept them out of the game.
Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints go against each other. The Texans are the current favorite for this one with a +6 ½ odds and -6 ½ for the Saints.
The last game for the next kickoff will be between the Broncos and the Raiders. Just like the intense first game of the season, these two teams are also known for the rivalry that they have over the years. The coaches that both teams have are intense and it’s just hard to predict the outcome of this game.
The Broncos are favored in this game with +2 on their name and -2 for the Raiders. The last match between the two was in December of 2018 with Raiders scoring 27 and Broncos short of 13 points. It’s simply interesting to see who’ll win this next match.

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