The Current Dilemmas In The WWE

WWE has always been the biggest wrestling promotion in every aspect. They have been the leader in viewers, ratings, and money. The problem with WWE is that they became too big for their own good. Meaning that they have evolved from just doing wrestling, they have action figures, video games, apparel, movies, and even their personal streaming service. So they gain money from only ticket sales. The WWE has not been doing well as of late and with AEW’s tv premiere days away WWE could see some trouble approaching. Not saying the WWE is gonna go out of business but that does not mean another promotion can come up and give WWE a run for their money.  WWE needs to do something to save their talent and their fans. Let’s take at some of the WWE significant problems.

Creative Freedom

WWE has a problem with giving superstars creative freedom. They give wrestlers gimmicks that just are not good, or they do not fit the superstar. Sometimes that will push a superstar to want to leave the company. Look at what happened with Cody Rhodes or Stardust he had a lousy gimmick and Rhodes could not take it anymore and decided to leave the WWE. He the company and decided to take his talents to the indies and eventually be a pioneer for AEW. Dean Ambrose went on Chris Jericho’s podcast and spilled the beans on his tenure in WWE. Ambrose would go on to say that Vince McMahon thought of his bane character when he returned. That gimmick did not go over with the fans because he turned heel and feuded with Seth Rollins and that was the end of his WWE time. WWE gave him a going away special on the WWE network and everything. He decided to join the AEW and now is banned from WWE.Give some of the top stars creative freedom and let them choose how their storylines play out.


WWE has some of the worst bookings ever. It is so predictable that any upcoming paper-pay-view event. Storylines have gotten so bad that matches have fans yelling boring during the match. WWE creative team needs to just scrap all the storylines and start fresh. They need to stop bringing in Brock Lesnar and let him leave. He is not helping any of the talents go over, and he is taking away value away from any championship he holds. WWE just keeps giving him titles, and it is not providing other stars any time to shine. Stars like Andrade, Aleister Black, Samoa Joe, and Drew Mcintyre have yet to get a push. Superstars have been in this company for years and still have not gotten a title push like Cesaro and Sami Zayn. Start pushing some of the guys and give them the chance to reach the main event. If they cannot handle it, then slow the push-down. Took Kofi Kingston years to reach the main event scene and get the championship. WWE is becoming predictable with the same guys winning the same type of matches. When things do not go as predicted, it is always severely booked. Lesnar winning the money in the bank was horrible booking


WWE has the most talent than any other promotions. They have so much available ability in the WWE roster that is unused. The problem with them is that they overload on expertise and do not how to utilize it. Not everyone is getting tv time and this causing morale problem.  Some superstars have not been on tv in so long you’d think that they have retired or left the company. It is getting to the point where superstars are going back to NXT. Having NXT as its own show is cool, and all but by sending superstars back there is so confusing,.Kevin Owens put out a tweet that could potentially tease him coming back down to NXT, and that is kind of confusing establishing him as a star and having him gain the success he has achieved all to just send him down makes no sense. The creative team is putting people in groups for no apparent reason like what is the point of putting Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakumara together.


WWE needs to stop having Raw as a three-hour show it is not helping them gain viewers. The first hour is just spent on them putting on quick matches and cutting promos on things that make no sense. The addition of the 24/7 championship has helped with filling the three-hour slot. By the third hour, everyone is already bored and tuned into something else. Football being back does not support the WWE either, fans are more in tune to watch football then WWE. Leaving raw as the two-hour show is much more viable because now you put what is on important on tv and build storylines that are actually worth watching. Wrestlemania does not to be 7 hours long most of the time is just promos and bringing out legends. There is no point in having a long show without actually relevant matches with a predictable ending.

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