This is the Cost Per Win For Each NBA Coach

We all know that NBA coaches are not struggling financially. They all have an annual salary of over a million dollars and have the perk of doing what they love.
Have you ever thought about if the coaches of NBA teams are actually worth all the money they make? The team at Moneypenny must’ve been doing some thinking, because they recently put together a whole analysis on the most overpaid NBA coaches and teams.
They looked at coach salaries, team payrolls, and win and loss records over the last five full seasons of play to see how much each win costs different NBA franchises in that timeframe.
To find these numbers they found out how many seasons over the last five years that each coach has been in charge of their franchise and multiplied their annual salary by that number. They then analyzed how many regular-season games they won as a coach in that five year period and divided it by their salary. This determines how much different NBA teams are paying their coach per victory. Of the 16 coaches evaluated, Moneypenny determined that the average win costs an NBA team $118,504 toward their coaches salary, with six coaches earning more than that per win and 10 earning less.
The Dallas Mavericks coach, Rick Carlisle, is paid the most per win, at $200,000 per W. Falling not too far behind Rick is Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs with a cost per win at $197,841.73.

When it comes to the most overpaid teams, the New York Knicks take the top spot. With a five year payroll of almost five million and the post per win at nearly four million.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the numbers prove it. NBA coaches and teams make a lot of money! To view the full report from Moneypenny, click here. 

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