Olympic Games are Still On, Alternatives Being Explored

Coronavirus (CO-VID 19) has rattled the sports world to its core. Most professional seasons have been suspended until further notice and those who have not been suspended are closed to the public. Since cancellations began sporting fans have been worried about what will happen when it comes to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. As of now, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is set to have the games as planned.

The Washinton Post reports, the IOC does not want to cancel the games, but will if they are forced. The idea of having the games be closed to the public, but still televised was proposed but the IOC does not see this as practical. There have been talks of pushing the games back until 2021 since the construction of the stadiums for the games are well underway. The IOC has stated that they will not cancel the games unless the World Health Organization (WHO) calls for them to be shut down.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the games, the Olympic Flame Ceremony has begun. The flame was lit in Ancient Olympia, Greece and will journey to Tokyo for the lighting of the Olympic flame at the opening ceremony of the games. The IOC hopes this will be a “beacon of hope” for the world during these uncertain times.

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