How The Big Ten Restart Confuses The College Football Playoff Picture

College football is about to get a major shakeup on the year. The Big Ten is getting ready to start their play on the season this weekend and it could really skew the college football playoff picture. However, how is the Big Ten starting back up going to skew the playoff picture compared to what is already happening in the playoff picture this year?

Provide Highly Competitive Teams

With the Big Ten the conference will be bringing about five teams that are highly competitive teams. Not to mention the Big Ten is coming in with teams that could qualify for the playoffs on their own. Now, that will dilute down the number of SEC and Big 12 teams that could run the gamut. Instead, it could make it easier for the teams to come into the game here with a good chance of diluting the talent and getting the best results possible for a competitive playoff picture.

Can Start To Skew The Rankings

With the college football polls lately they have been run without the Big Ten being considered. Now, the Big Ten in the preseason and before all the cancellations of the games had multiple teams that were ranked in the top 10. With the Big Ten coming back on the year it could definitely help the Big Ten in getting the rankings back. This will then make it easier for the playoff picture to get a lot more clouded, but also bounce some of the teams out of the top 25 even. For example, just a few weeks ago the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns were ranked in the top 20 and that is one school that has not been seen that high before.

Makes It Harder To Paint The Playoff Picture

The Big Ten coming back will definitely make it quite a bit harder to paint the playoff picture and brings up some major issues. Some of those issues that are coming up would be something like would an unbeaten Ohio State team be a better pick than a 1 loss Alabama team. Now, when the Pac-12 comes into play in November it will make the picture even more clouded as the same questions will be raised. At the same time, though, the Pac-12 is not as talent rich as the Big 10. Still it calls into question the playoff picture and who would qualify if the race is tight with all the games being conference play only.

The Big Ten starting to play football will definitely cloud the playoff picture this year. However, the way the playoff picture comes into play will definitely be one that could be interesting come time to pick for the playoffs. Now, the way that it could muddle the picture is one that is questionable, but one common agreement among all the experts for college football is the NCAA football picks for the playoffs has definitely just become one job that no one wants to have.

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