Awesome New Hobbies For University Students To Try Out This Summer 

The summer break can be an excellent opportunity for students to branch out, experience life and develop skills. It can also be a time to take a well-deserved break after a year of studying, coursework and exams. Whether you want to find a new passion or fill your time with fun, there are plenty of options to choose from for a summer pastime.  

If you’re unsure how to fill your time during the summer, then here are some of the best hobbies you could consider trying.  


The warmer summer months are perfect for improving your sporting skills. You could consider signing up for a local summer league. There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re a complete beginner or semi-professional.  

You could consider taking up sports that are ideal for the summer – kayaking, surfing and canoeing are all perfect for warm weather. You could also consider sports you can play all year round like tennis, football, basketball and rugby.


Gardening can be a great way to relax, unwind and connect with nature. You don’t necessarily need a garden to develop your green thumb – you could start with some potted houseplants. If you are a total novice, it may be a good idea to start with low maintenance plants like ferns and succulents that will help improve your air quality and bring some colour to your university halls in September.  

Flower arranging is another element of growing plants that can be incredibly soothing and relaxing. You could start by picking up some fresh flowers from your local supermarket and take some online classes on flower arranging.  


Crafts can be an excellent way to give your creativity an outlet. There are many crafts to choose from, so you could start by sampling a few to get an idea of your strengths and preferences. Painting, needlepoint and wood whittling are great crafts that can be an excellent creative outlet for people of any skill level. You could even consider making some money with your crafting by selling your items on sites like Etsy.  


Learning a new language can be incredibly beneficial for your future employment prospects, as well as for travelling to new places. There are many free online resources to help get you started and self-paced paid courses if you want to gain a recognised qualification.  

You could consider a language that will benefit you in future employment, such as Mandarin, Spanish or French, or try out less common languages like Icelandic or Korean.  


Volunteering work can be a fantastic way to beef up your CV and feel good about the positive impact you’re having on your community and the wider world. For example, you could consider volunteering with local charities such as food banks and charity shops that are always in need of helping hands.  

Volunteering can be a great way to develop work and life skills, improve your communication skills and make friends over the summer. You could consider researching the local organisations, festivals and community groups you could volunteer with this summer.  


Gaming is a popular hobby for many students. You could take advantage of the summer months to improve your existing skills or try out completely new games. Whether you play on mobile, console or PC, there are plenty of options available.  

You could also consider games that will give you a bit of extra spending money when the autumn semester rolls around. An excellent option for this is casino games, which can help you generate a little extra cash. It is a good idea to do some research into casino games if you’ve never played them before and ensure that you play safely and responsibly. There’s options for free spins casino games to help you get started. Online Casinos is a great way to find free spins casinos and other great value welcome deals for casinos.  


Exercise can help to elevate mood, improve physical fitness and set you up for a healthy and happy life. It can be hard during the university year to find time around socialising and studying to get into a good exercise routine. The summer break gives you plenty of time to get into good habits and give you a solid start to the next academic year.  

You could consider starting with exercises like running or yoga. Running is one of the cheapest ways to get exercise – all you need are some decent running shoes and lightweight clothes to get going. You could start by alternating running with walking and gradually increasing your time running. Yoga can be a great warm-up and cool-down exercise and an excellent all-around workout in itself.  


Learning to cook over the summer can be a fantastic way to impress your friends when you return to university halls. You could consider looking at some free online courses or YouTube tutorials to get you started. You can also use websites that help you generate meal ideas based on what you have in your food cupboard – perfect if you’re a student low on funds!  


If you’ve saved up a bit of cash from your student loan or part-time job, travelling can be a fantastic way to experience the world. Travelling can also help you grow in your independence and self-sufficiency and give you a chance to hone your language and communication skills.  

You could consider going abroad solo or inviting some close friends to travel with you. Hostels are a great way to cut costs while travelling, particularly for extended trips. You will need to ensure you have a solid budget before you leave and factor in all potential expenses. Keeping aside an emergency fund if something goes wrong can be crucial to have the best experience.  


Starting your own blog can be a great way to have a creative outlet over the summer. You could consider blogging about your various hobbies, student life, or even using your blog as a journal. If you gain enough followers for your blog, you could turn this hobby into something that pays by posting sponsored content or affiliate links.  

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