Top NCAA football players who could have a promising career in the NFL

NCAA college football is a big deal around the campuses of America. All students love to support their college team and cheer them on to a victory when they play. Of course, college football is also very important to the existence of the pro-NFL league. The players which college ball develops are the superstars of tomorrow who keep fans hooked on the NFL. It is always interesting therefore to take a look each year at which college players could make the step up to join a pro-NFL team. Many people will even use online sports betting PA sites to bet on which players will be drafted or the games they are involved in when in the NFL.
But which of the current rising stars in college football could have a promising career in pro ball?
Jerry Jeudy
One of the most exciting talents in college football has to be this wide receiver who plays for Alabama. Although he might not have had a truly spectacular 2019 season, the talent is still there for all to see. Jeudy has the physique to compete as he weighs in at 192 pounds and measures 6 foot 1 inch tall. However, it is his awesome speed and superb running which really sets him apart. His agility and body control are also very good which allows him to change direction smoothly. He is the ideal modern wide receiver combination of pace, size, and movement.
Chase Young
Another top college football player who looks set to join one of the top teams in the NFL is Chase Young. Playing as a defensive edge for Ohio State, he certainly looks to have all that is required in his locker. While he might not yet have the strength of a Nick Bosa, he does have a more explosive action off the ball. Coming in at 6 feet 5 inches and 265 pounds, he is also a big unit for the opposition to get around! Young has great versatility in his play which allows the side he plays in to adopt a greater variety of defensive plays.
Grant Delpit 
Although safeties are not usually top of most NFL teams’ shopping lists, they are a key member of any side. Grant Delpit is one safety in college ball that has shown he has what it takes to make the step up. Playing at LSU, he has gotten rave reviews during his time there for his leadership abilities and his sheer athleticism. He is also developed enough physically to handle the demands which playing in the professional leagues brings. As well as having strong safety skill, this player is also good on the cover and could really help out any QB in the NFL team he signs for.
Joe Burrow 
After the unfortunate injury to Tua Tagovailoa, many now pick Burrow as the number one QB in college football who could make it into the NFL. Playing for LSU, Burrow has been pretty amazing in the current season and improved even more from last year. He has completed 78% of his passes for almost 5,000 yards for 48 touchdowns. His running game is just as good with 289 rushing yards made and 3 touchdowns. Burrow not only has great feet and speed on his side but also the size to handle operating in the pro leagues. His 2019/20 form has seen him win the Heisman Trophy and he looks a cert to move into the NFL.
Justin Herbert 
Another top QB prospect who could well forge a promising NFL career is Oregon player Justin Herbert. As per Burrow, he has had a great season this year and this may well have put him on the radar of many pro teams. Herbert has completed 67% of his passes for over 3,000 yards with 32 touchdowns to show for it. Although his running game is decent enough, the tactical set-up of Oregon this year has not let him show that to its full extent. Herbert’s main weapon though is a powerful arm and superb passing accuracy. When you add in his agility and mobility, then he is all set for the next step up.
College football produces another glut of talent 
The above players show that college football is all ready to produce another glut of top young talent for pro NFL teams to sign-up. This really is the lifeblood of the NFL and helps to keep the game fresh for fans. Of course, it also gives teams a ready supply of new talent to replace those who are coming to the end of their career.

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