The Five Hottest Prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft

Exciting times are ahead for football fans because the 2023 NFL Draft is only weeks away. Between April 27-29, fans of the 32 NFL teams will be glued to their television screens as they wait to discover which up-and-coming youngsters are about to take the leap from college to professional football.

The plaza outside Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, is where hundreds of young football players will find out where their future lies. Being selected first overall by no means guarantees a player will become a superstar, as only 14 players in history have gone from being the number one pick to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, being number one comes with much prestige and a far more lucrative rookie contract.

The class of 2023 is a talented bunch, with little to choose from the predicted first five picks. All five of those players will improve the team they put pen to paper with. The Chicago Bears have the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, followed by the Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts, and Seattle Seahawks. The best American-friendly online betting sites predict former Alabama quarterback Bryce Young will be the first overall pick, but will he end up at the Bears?

Bryce Young – Alabama – Quarterback

Bryce Young is a supremely talented quarterback who could go all the way to the top. There are some niggling doubts about his size because he stands 5ft 10in and weighs 194 lb, but there is no doubting his ability with a football. Young was Alabama’s starting quarterback in 2021 and 2022. His career stats for Alabama include 8,356 passing yards, 80 touchdowns, a 65.8% pass completion rate, and a 165.0 passer rating. Young also scored seven touchdowns and 162 rushing yards.

Although the Chicago Bears have the first pick in 2023, they do not really need a quarterback, even one with Young’s ability. There is every chance they could trade with the Houston Texans or the Indianapolis Colts because they have hinted they will show some faith in Justin Fields, the quarterback they drafted 11th overall in 2021.

C.J. Stroud – Ohio State – Quarterback

C.J. Stroud is the second favorite in the draft, and the Ohio State quarterback is highly rated. Stroud holds several Ohio State records, including passing for 573 in a single game and being the first Buckeye to throw six touchdowns three times! He leaves college with a 69.3% pass completion record, 7,775 yards, and 81 touchdowns.

The Houston Texans need to strengthen the quarterback position and will hang their fingers crossed they can somehow secure the services of Young. If not, Stroud will probably go to Texas before April ends.

Will Levis – Kentucky – Quarterback

Will Levis is another young quarterback destined to go during the first five picks. The former Kentucky man has high potential, and he would have more focus on him was it not for Young and Stroud being in the same class this year. 

Levis has a cannon for an arm, although he can sometimes be a little lackadaisical with the ball. There is nothing negative about his game that can not be coached out, so expect one Levis to be selected in one of the earlier spots.

Anthony Richardson – Florida – Quarterback

Anthony Richardson is the fourth favorite to become the 2023 NFL Draft’s overall number-one pick, although he is likely to be selected further down the pecking order, albeit still within the top ten. Richardson has only started 13 games during his time with Florida Gators, with 12 of those coming in 2022.

Richardson is a raw talent with an elite upside. His 12 games in 2022 saw him throw 2,549 yards and 17 touchdowns but only a 53.8% pass completion. Any team that selects Richardson is doing so to prepare him for the 2024 season; he is one to watch for the future.

Jalen Carter – Georgia – Defensive Tackle

Jalen Carter has slipped down the pecking order after becoming the subject of an arrest warrant on March 1. Police discovered Carter left the scene of a fatal car crash in January, and he faces charges of reckless driving and street racing in connection with the crash.

Potential legal troubles have damaged Carter’s stock, but teams are closely monitoring the 6tf 3in 310 lb man-mountain of a defensive tackle. Carter was the best defender in the 2021 Georgia Bulldogs team, which saw five first-round picks drafted from it. Someone could bag themselves a bargain, but they could have a controversial figure on their hands.

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