Ryan Day Prioritizes Over Early QB Competitions

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Why would Will Howard move to Ohio State if he wasn’t going to be the Buckeyes’ starting quarterback? He lost his job at Kansas State because of Avery Johnson. Howard had many choices for where to go next. He chose Columbus for obvious reasons.

In the offseason, Ryan Day talked about a quarterback battle few knew existed. Julian Sayin might be the future, but it has to be Howard now, right? Devin Brown is in the mix too.

Day mentioned the so-called quarterback race in Columbus for the first time since spring. “Really no update,” said Day, h/t Buckeyes Wire. “We’ve really been busy here in June.”

Kyle McCord battled hard last year but lost out and moved to Syracuse. Sayin just came from Alabama and might be the guy next year. But he’s still pretty raw.

It’s got to be Howard, right? Unless Sayin surprises everyone, Howard seems like the only logical choice for Ohio State.

This is all about setting Ohio State up for success this critical year.

I get the point of competition, but think about it. Do you see Georgia, Oregon, Texas, or Ole Miss wondering who their starter is?

Admittedly, all four schools have solid backups. But their coaches aren’t talking about it. Georgia has Carson Beck; Texas has Quinn Ewers; Oregon has Dillon Gabriel; Ole Miss has Jaxson Dart.

You have to wonder what other nonsense Day will talk about this season. He’s under pressure, but that’s part of being at Ohio State. If it’s not Howard, Ohio State could have a big problem…

The only reason to extend the competition is to see if Sayin can beat Howard because Brown can’t.

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