Greg Sankey’s Chance to Welcome Texas to the SEC

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He could have said something, but not saying anything actually says everything. When introducing Oklahoma and Texas as the two newest members in the conference this week, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey was reluctant to say if Horns Down would be a penalty in his league.

“I won’t be answering questions about football penalties on July 1st,” said Sankey.

Point taken, but what could this mean? In a conference that features the Gator Chomp and Thanksgiving Dog Pee celebrations in the end zone, I think giving Texas the good, old-fashioned Horns Down would be right up the SEC’s alley.

One of the best parts about this conference is how not soft it is. You need to have thick skin to survive in this league or at least be respected. Texas is a massive brand, but it’s not like the SEC doesn’t have one.

For my money, I would say that Sankey should allow all 15 member institutions to hit Texas with a Horns Down. So long as the taunting is allowed in other areas of the league. For example, if Texas wants to hit Texas A&M with the inverse of a Gig Em (Stick Em?), let them do it.

All that would be is a thumbs down because a thumbs up is all that Texas A&M could mentally put together to troll TCU. As long as we are not throat slashing, pretending to brandish a weapon or being profane, have at it!

Greg Sankey mum on if Horns Down will be a taunting penalty in the SEC.

Once again, we have to do away with Texas exceptionalism. I have a few philosophies I live by. One of which is don’t make exceptions for unexceptional people.

You only have so much to give in this world, so don’t give your all for people, places, and things who don’t really care about you, only themselves. If Texas was as good as Nick Saban and Alabama, then by all means, Horns Down would be flipping the bird.

But it’s not. It’s funny! If your team is clever enough to adapt a hand gesture, then you should expect your rival to mock said hand gesture in an even more creative manner.

NC State Wolfpack fans have their own spin on Hook Em Horns by taking their middle two fingers and combining it with the thumb to make a wolf face. We just need UNC fans to flip it upside down and go Spider-Man on them.

What I am getting at is this: these are college sports. It’s supposed to be fun. Since most students enrolled in college don’t have a fully formed brain—why they are in school—let them enjoy dumb stuff like this.

College is a great time to discover many cool things about yourself. But it is also a great time to develop disdain for future co-workers of yours because they went to Moron State.

I’m sure myself and the rest of the SEC won’t get our way in this, but for a minute there, I had some hope!

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