Mississippi State student cooks lunch with Foreman Grill in class

One Mississippi State student has quickly become an internet hero.

No, the student didn’t rise to internet stardom by chasing down some thief on campus or saving a fellow student. Instead, he became a star because he was a straight badass and cooked his lunch while he was in class.

Not only did the student cook his lunch, he cooked it on a George Foreman Grill while sitting in the very first row.

Let’s have a round of applause for this man.

One of the classmates, Britt Reynolds, shared a photo of the Lean, Mean Grilling Machine in action during a lecture. 

Check it out below:

Hail state, and enjoy that bacon, my friend.

Notice the date of the tweet, 4/20? Yeah, we are going to assume some consumption of the reefer may have led to this game-changing lunch preparation, but we’re not mad at him.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Twitter (@brittkelso)

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