Tom Cable Does Not Believe in the Spread Offense

Let’s face it guys, the spread offense is taking over the football world. In the last ten years or so the spread offense has become increasingly popular with multiple college teams. Fans nowadays want to see that high tempo, fast paced, score fifty points a game type of offense. With teams like Oregon around in the college football world, fans get to see that. But there are some coaches at the next level who are not so keen on that type of gameplan.

Former Oakland Raiders head coach and current Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable spoke up about the spread offense doing a “disservice” to college athletes making the transition to the NFL. According to Pro Football Talk, Cable told 710 ESPN in Seattle, “I’m not wanting to offend anybody, but college football, offensively, has gotten to be really, really bad fundamentally.”

Cable continued, “Unfortunately, I think we’re doing a huge disservice to offensive football players, other than a receiver, that come out of these spread systems. “The runners aren’t as good. They aren’t taught how to run. The blockers aren’t as good. The quarterbacks aren’t as good. They don’t know how to read coverage and throw progressions. They have no idea.”

Cable used examples like J.R. Sweezy and Kristjan Sokoli to demonstrate the lack of these fundamentals. Both Sweezy and rookie Sokoli will play offensive line this season as they make the move from the defensive side of the ball. Cable says that his offensive lineman have lost all traits that a good run-blocking lineman should have.

I can personally attest to the spread offense weakening the blocking skills of an offensive lineman. It is nowhere near as hard to shuffle out of a two point stance as it is to pop up out of a three point stance and take on a charging bull from the other side of the ball.

The offensive game has changed and will continue to change as long as it is 1. winning games for the teams and 2. putting money in the owners’ pockets. Cable is just going to have to adapt and do so quickly.

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