Michigan QB Pokes Fun at Shirtless Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh sure has made the news a lot today. From having the Wolverines’ fight song played as he entered the team’s satellite camp in Alabama to being on Team Skins in a friendly game of “Bama Ball”, his Friday has been interesting to say the least. That is exactly what Michigan quarterback Shane Morris thinks of his coach being shirtless at camp.

According to College Spun, Morris tweeted out the picture of a shirtless and VERY pale Harbaugh at the camp on Friday. His one word in the tweet is probably the nicest way to describe it.

WARNING: The following picture may be frightening to some readers.

Nice Dad Bod coach.

Maybe next time Harbaugh decides to take his shirt off in public, he will hit the tanning salon and get some color. Or at the very least, even out his armpit hair.

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Brandon Williams to start at CB, not RB