NCAA women’s basketball approves change to four quarters

College basketball is one strange sport. In high school, basketball players get a rest between each quarter that are separated into eight minute intervals. In the pros, it is the same way. There are quarters in both of those levels of basketball, but for those lucky enough to make it to the collegiate level, there is an odd switch in regards to time of play.

College basketball has been played in twenty-minute halves for a long time. Now, in 2015, the women’s side of the sport will be changing that.

It was announced by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel on Monday that women’s basketball would be changing from two twenty-minute halves to four ten-minute quarters starting this season.

In May of this year, the topic of quarters came into discussion at the meeting of the NCAA Basketball Rules Committee from May 12-15. The rules change was proposed and less than a month later, the change happened.

Michael Shafer, chairman of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Rules Committee and women’s coach at the University of Richmond told, “The rules committee is very excited about the change to the four-quarter format for the 2015-16 season.

“We believe this change, along with the associated changes to the timeout and foul rules, will address flow of the game and physicality. The overall format will strengthen the connection of college basketball with women’s basketball globally.”

The rules change will provide a whole new dynamic to the game of women’s basketball, but will that be for better or for worse? Let us know in the comments.

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