CM Punk tells Hulk Hogan to ‘shut up’ over hockey beef

Ah, the Stanley Cup. It certainly brings out the best in people, doesn’t it? It even brings out the best in two former professional wrestlers and it provides us wrestling fans with awesome promos.

CM Punk, Chicago native and known Blackhawks fan, was not too happy with WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, who is a fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning, after he took a jab at the Blackhawks and Punk on Twitter following the Lightning’s Game 3 win Monday night.

Punk responded by grabbing a live Chicago Sports Network microphone and dropping a somewhat epic pipebomb that wrestling fans have grown so accustomed to hearing.

Surrounded by about fifty screaming Blackhawks fans, Punk put it simply that Tampa Bay “should be embarrassed for hitching their trailer to such a piece of garbage.”

Punk took to Twitter and responded to Hogan.

Now, I do believe that Punk could easily take Hogan nowadays, especially considering the physical condition the two men are in. Punk, who is 36 and still in his prime, is training for his first UFC fight at the end of this year. Hogan, who is sixty-one, hasn’t been an active wrestler in about fifteen years and has dealt with multiple back surgeries over the last few years.

Punk easily has the upper hand. As for the Blackhawks, it’s a different story.

The Lightning made a big comeback to win Game Two and tie the Stanley Cup series and then held off a rally by Chicago to take the lead last night. Game Four is Wednesday night and I have to say that the Bolts are looking pretty impressive right now.

Your move, Punk.

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