Maryland approves beer sales at sporting events

Beer. It is truly an acquired taste, but it’s a taste that a lot of sports fans have. Colleges have never been too keen on the idea of selling the beverage, or any alcohol for that matter, at games in the past.

Let’s face it, if you don’t sell it inside the stadium, people will just get rip-roaring drunk before the game and then what? They pass out before the second quarter and guess what? You can’t sell food or merchandise to an unconscious person.

The University of Maryland is now going to try and alleviate that problem.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland President Wallace D. Loh has approved a test run for beer sales for the 2015-2016 sport season. The proposal has not been set in stone, due to it having to be approved by the Prince George’s County Liquor Board.

“We told them we didn’t think it was a good idea,” Charles W. Caldwell III, chairman of the county’s Board of License Commissioners, said. “I don’t think they paid any attention to us.”

If the plan is approved, Maryland will join a handful of other universities — West Virginia, Syracuse, and Big Ten opponent Minnesota included — as one the schools to approve the sale of beer.

The plan would run for the 2015-2016 athletic seasons and, if deemed a success, they school would officially add in both wine and beer to its menus, with a limitation of two glasses of beer or wine per transaction.

Despite the debate splitting the campus in those for and against the sale of alcohol, President Loh is still heavily backing the plan. After the success of alcohol sales inside Byrd Stadium’s luxury suites, a rule that was implemented in 2008, he believes that it would be best to extend the sales to everyone.

“Beer and wine sales are already available to the hundreds of fans in the boxes and mezzanine level at our sports venues,” Loh noted in the letter. “This proposal will extend that option to fans seated elsewhere.”

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports