Video: Scuba diver has no fear, high fives Great White

There are a few things that terrify me in this world. Small closed spaces, clowns and sharks are easily the top three things that will probably make me crap my pants if faced with them up close and personal. The latter is really what makes me hate the beach and small boats.

Apparently, one scuba diver in Mexico has absolutely no fear of the kings of the sea.

In a terrifying, yet somewhat badass video captured by by Elite Daily, marine researcher and scuba diver Mauricio Hoyos Padilla decided that his shark cage was restricting him from his “research.” That is when he pulled off one of the ballsiest moves I have ever seen.

Padilla leaves his safe haven of a cage and high fives a female Great White named Deep Blue that is believe to be one of the largest sharks known to man.

Personally, I don’t know if I should applaud this man or call him an idiot. That is a shark. Not only is it a shark, it is a Great White Shark. Not only that, it is a female Great White Shark which are known to be more aggressive than males.

Usually in stories like these, people rarely live to tell the tale.

Fortunately for Hoyos, he swam away unscathed and has an awesome story to tell his grandkids one day. Unfortunately for the person filming, Hoyos didn’t get eaten. That surely would have went viral on YouTube.

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