North Carolina shark attack ‘like a scene from Jaws’

The fourth installment of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park franchise came out this weekend and yesterday, we looked at what it would cost to build a real life “Jurassic Park” amusement park. The thought of regenerated dinosaurs roaming around an open theme park with thousands of guests visiting is pretty scary.

It is also an unlikely event.

One thing that isn’t “just a movie” and is very scary in the real world is shark attacks. You don’t hear about them very often, only seventy-four people were attacked by sharks in the United States in 2014, but when you do, it is never a good thing.

Unfortunately, multiple attacksĀ placeĀ this past Sunday afternoon.

According to NBC News, two separate shark attacks happened within fifty blocks of each other in Oak Island, North Carolina on Sunday. One witness told NBC News that it was like a scene out of another Spielberg classic, “Jaws”.

“Everybody was screaming, ‘Get out of the water!'” Steven Bouser said.

The girl was “obviously going into shock,” he said. He recalled people asking, “Can you hear me?” “She would respond not very enthusiastically, but you could tell she was still conscious,” he said.

The girl was a twelve-year-old who was bitten on her left arm and unfortunately had to have it amputated below the elbow. She also suffered tissue damage to her lower left leg, but it was unclear whether it would have to be amputated or not.

A sixteen year-old-boy was attacked about an hour and a half later about fifty blocks from the first attack in Oak Island and he also lost his left arm after it was severed below the shoulder.

Dispatch recordings from 911 captured the horror: “It looks like her entire hand is gone,” a woman said after the shark attacked the girl. After the attack on the boy, a caller said: “It bit a man’s arm off!”

Both victims were said to have received life-threatening injuries, but at last word, the boy was out of surgery and in stable condition.

“He’s in good shape,” said Dr. Borden Hooks III, who performed surgeries on both patients at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. “To some degree, he’s awake and talking to us. He and his family will have to deal with this together.”

While some are fantasizing about a real life Jurassic Park, these families are dealing with a very real situation in North Carolina. One question I have to ask myself is: “Could there really be a ‘Jaws’ on the loose?”

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