Machine Gun Kelly gets powerbombed on Monday Night Raw

If you ask any non-professional wrestling fan what their thoughts on the sport are, they will probably say something like “It’s fake” or “It’s not a real sport.”

To me, I feel that you have your own opinion and you are entitled to it, but so am I.

There’s a difference between “fake” and “scripted”. The zombies on “The Walking Dead” are fake. Professional wrestling that you see on WWE Monday Night Raw is scripted.

Please tell me how you can fake THIS.

Monday night on Raw, the show emanated from Cleveland, Ohio, home of rapper Machine Gun Kelly. The night was full of jabs at the Cavaliers and Browns about how they will never win a championship or don’t deserve one. The night culminated in a performance by Kelly, who was guest starring on the show, later on.

At the end of his performance, NXT Champion Kevin Owens came out to seemingly congratulate Kelly on his performance.

Then, Machine Gun Kelly became an even bigger part of the show.

If Machine Gun Kelly was really a fan of wrestling, he would know that the one thing you don’t do right now, is anger the NXT Champion. Owens took to Twitter following Raw and apologized for his actions.

Then, for some unknown reason, Kelly seemed to enjoy being tossed off the stage because he seemed to mock Owens on Twitter after he was gracious in apologizing. Even celebrities can by keyboard warriors.

No matter what non-wrestling fans think, that powerbomb was very real. It was probably rehearsed and there was padding on the ground to break the fall. But, come on, would YOU like to be thrown off a ten foot stage and NOT have something to land on?

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