Video: Five-star PF shatters backboard with dunk attempt

Seeing a slam dunk in a high school basketball game is still one of the most exciting things to see for me. It doesn’t happen very often, as there aren’t very many times when a guy gets a clear lane to the basket. To see a player dunk on another player is awesome.

Watching that same player bring down the rim and shatter the backboard…unbelievable.

In a video shared by Sports Illustrated, five-star power forward Cody Riley was playing at the 2015 Summer Block Party at Marantha High School in Pasadena, California when he got a clear look to the basket.

What happened next reminded me of another big guy that liked to dunk the basketball.

“Oh s—!” is right, unknown fan. Riley absolutely wrecked the backboard. What makes this even better is the fact that Riley is wearing number 32, the same number as NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.

While Riley’s dunk wasn’t as powerful as Shaq’s rookie season dunk, it was still a pretty amazing feat. The six-foot-seven forward is ranked No. 14  in the class of 2017 by Rivals. He presently has offers from Arizona, Kansas, Maryland and USC.

Wherever Riley ends up going, they are going to be lucky to have a kid of his talent. The schools are going to have to reinforce the backboards as well.

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