Cheers! Carlsberg premieres a men’s grooming kit

Despite recent talks in cutting operations at its headquarters, Carlsberg, a brew based out of Denmark, launched a 3-star lineup in men’s grooming featuring the beer recipe.

In partnership with cosmetics company, Urtegaarden, the grooming trifecta of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, Carlsberg will integrate ingredients that abide by the cardinal rule of brewing in Europe: hops, barley and yeast.

Despite the typical bloating side effects of beer, it contains three essential vitamins for hair growth – riboflavin (vitamin B2) and silicium (a form of silicon).

In conclusive evidence via survey, the 40 percent of the 65 percent of men who groom daily borrow off their significant other’s products. This encouraged Carlsberg to start its own grooming campaign and intends to boost the 40 percent figure with a 67 percent of loyal male clientele saying they’d purchase Carlsberg’s grooming kit.

Taglined as “beer beauty” on Carlsberg’s official website, the freeze-dried-beer-into-powder process will incorporate 0.5 liters of its 162-year-old concoction in 250ml bottles.

Set at a price tag of 63 euros, or $73, Carlsberg follows the everyday benefits of alcohol-based solutions.

As a substitution for a water-based pie crust, bakers alike suggest working with vodka. Although there are little traces of water are in vodka, the molecules within vodka interact with the dough in a scientific way to make a flakier, easier-to-handle dough.

Spilled red wine? No problem. Invest in some salt and white wine to remove the pesky stain.

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