ESPN’s Danny Kanell trolls the SEC

I don’t know why, but it seems very easy for a lot of fans (and analysts apparently) to “troll” the Southeastern Conference. For all you older folk that means “to make fun of.”

Maybe it is because the conference has always been seen as one of the more successful conferences in the NCAA, I don’t really know. One college football analyst for ESPN is guilty of being the biggest troll of the SEC today.

He’s at it again, but this time, he’s using golf, more specifically the US Open.

As an avid golf player myself, I know what happens when it rains. The greens get wet, more like saturated, and become either too fast, making the ball travel much faster on putts, or too slow, which has the opposite effect. Well at Chambers Bay in Washington state, it rains A LOT. Because of that, many players have criticized the greens at the course.

Danny Kanell, a former Florida State quarterback, saw that as his opportunity to take another jab at the SEC.

One of players who has spoken out about the course was Billy Horschel, a Florida alumnus. Well, you can guess what happened after that.

Many people may just see that and think, well it’s just the Seminole-Gator rivalry. Well Kanell sent out a tweet at Chris Kirk, a Georgia alum, it became pretty clear that this was not just about a rivalry.

Hey Danny, you do know that the SEC pretty much dominates in every sport, except basketball, every year right? Don’t come out of the woods just because the Seminoles have had some success recently.

What about the other sport primarily played in the spring? Baseball. What conference has been in the national championship game ever year for eight years straight? And didn’t a SEC team send your team home packing in the NCAA Regionals this year? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Craig Jones/Getty Images

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