Cam Newton spends time with Charleston victims’ familes

Last week, the nation was rocked by the news of the shooting of nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. While a lot of people are focusing on the Confederate Flag and whether or not it should be taken down at the state’s capitol building, one NFL organization was doing all it could to help the victims’ families in their time of grief and need.

According to SB Nation, Carolina Panthers and former Auburn Tiger quarterback Cam Newton visited with some of the families in Charleston on Monday. This comes just two days after Panthers’ owner Jerry Richardson donated $100,000 to the families and the church to help ease the burden of financial issues and to build a memorial in honor of the victims.

Newton reached out to the families of Tywanza Sanders and Sharonda Coleman-Singleton and spent time with them on Monday afternoon. A report from Yahoo said that the story was first reported on Twitter rather than any news channel.

Newton’s appearance showed up on social media rather than official news channels. He visited the family of Tywanza Sanders, who died trying to protect his aunt, and the family of Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, who also died in the attack.

It’s people like Newton that make me believe that celebrities aren’t as mean and nasty as people say they are. Newton is a classy guy and the Panthers are a team that will be applauded not just by the state of South Carolina, but by an entire nation. Thanks for being awesome.

MLB’s first lady: Melissa Mayeux
MLB’s first lady: Melissa Mayeux