Video: Grizzly bear belly-flopping into pool is adorable

What would you do if you walk outside for an afternoon swim in your pool and you see a 600 pound grizzly bear climbing the side ladder and belly-flopping into your pool? If you ask me, I would probably crap my pants and hope that it can’t smell fear.

In an absolutely adorable video shared by BroBible, this man seems to have a pair of bears as pets and they really love swimming in the pool. You even see the playful bear approach the man filming and seem to smile at the camera.

While this bear is obviously not Winnie the Pooh, it still made me go “AAAWWWWW”. Well that is after I realized the bear wasn’t going to eat the man filming.

I know most bears aren’t as playful as this one is, but I would like to imagine they all are. Still, this does not make me want to invite any grizzly or black bear for a leisurely swim in my backyard.

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