Dog eats marijuana Rice Krispie treat and gets scary stoned

A lot of people think it’s funny to get their pets intoxicated, high, or for lack of a better term, “stoned.” Most of the time, the pet, usually a dog, will be very relaxed and eat a lot more food than they usually do.

Other times, it can turn out like what happened to this Husky.

BroBible shared a video of the Husky who had gotten into a stash of edible marijuana treats in the form of Rice Krispies. Now, I don’t know if this guys meant for the dog to get them or not, but it’s still pretty irresponsible to keep them within reach of your dog.

I personally don’t partake in the passing of the doobie, but I have no qualms about people doing it. I also believe that it is more beneficial than people like to believe it is. But, there’s a huge difference between humans and animals.

Animals don’t know how to control themselves if they happen to go into a bad trip when the consume as much marijuana as this dog did. I don’t believe the marijuana could hurt the dog, but you never know what it may do once it is in that state of relaxation or, in this case, all-out zombie mode.

Again, I don’t know if these guys intended for the dog to eat the treats, but my first thought is to make sure my dog is okay, not “Ooh I think this could go viral.”

You sounded concerned, but filming it doesn’t make you seem like it.

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