Competitive gamer makes amazing entrance at tournament

If you are a wrestling fan that grew in the 90’s like myself, you know who Stone Cold Steve Austin is. He’s been called the “Toughest SOB in the World” and “The Rattlesnake”, but wrestling fans remember him as the beer-drinking, foul-mouthed, anti-hero that stood against whatever the authority (no not THAT Authority) stood for.

The most iconic thing that people remember from Stone Cold was his entrance music. From just an awesome instrumental track to a full out lyrical song by the rock band Disturbed, it always begin with the sound of breaking glass that people knew was Stone Cold’s

One competitive gamer, Kenneth Bradley, went all out for his entrance into the “ring” at a Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament this past weekend…and it was awesome.

ESPN shared the video below.

I’d say that his parody of the entrance was pretty spot-on. He even had the famous “beer toss” (even though it was probably Red Bull) down pat. Heck, even his Stone Cold Stunner would have made Austin jealous.

Even though he went on to lose in the tournament, K-Brad won the internet for today. Good going kid.

Maybe Vince McMahon should give this guy a call and set up a match in the future. Or better yet, Austin himself should invite the guy onto a future episode of the Steve Austin Show podcast.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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