New beer pong invention will change your life forever

If you are between the ages of eighteen and 100, you have probably played beer pong once in your life before. It is easily the number one drinking game across college campuses and at tailgate parties across the country.

You have probably also dealt with the “water cup”, a cup used for cleaning the ball every time it hits the floor, which happens A LOT.

What these guys have done will eliminate the water cup and also bring an entirely new dynamic to the table top, pong-based drinking games.

College Spun shared the awesome idea of Slip Cup, a cup that can be inserted into the beer cup when playing beer pong that prevents the ball from actually going into the beer, or whatever alcohol you have in the cup. There is currently a Kickstarter page for the invention and they have raised just over $13,000 of their goal.

This proves that Americans A) love to play drinking games and B) truly want to help others live out the American Dream (RIP Dusty Rhodes.) Below is a video that shows exactly what Slip Cup is and how it can change the beer pong playing world forever.

So you mean to tell me that not only does Slip Cup prevent me from having to wash the ball off before every throw, but it makes the game a little easier to play when I’m hammered? Sign me up!

Now, I don’t condone underage drinking and never will, but Kickstarter does not have an age limit as to who can order and pledge to inventions such as these.

Promising a set of Slip Cups to whoever pledges, assuming they make their goal, is really a smart idea, but they should also be careful of who they’re sending the invention too.

The campaign currently has less than a month to meet their goal and I hope they make it. I would love to surprise my friends at the next party with these things.

We could get drunk in style then.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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