Photo: Coach K’s old film project will make hipsters happy

I can almost guarantee that 90 percent of the people reading this right now will not know what “film” or “reels” are. They also probably won’t understand why people had to use these ungodly contraptions that take up a ton of space.

With how everything is digital nowadays, it is always cool to see how college coaches used to have to do things back in the day. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is no different.

College Spun shared a photo of the old film projector that Coach K used to show film with back before everything went digital. Now we are able to click a button or two and whatever we want to watch will pop up on a screen. That is without a big projector, box, or even wires. Technology, you are so amazing.

I’m sure the five-time national champion coach is more than happy to not have to drag that thing out anymore, especially in his older age now. I know a lot of people who will feel ultra-nostalgic by just looking at this thing.

I wonder how long it will be before people think how crazy just even typing on a keyboard will look. Why type when you can just think and stuff pops up? Yeah, that’s where we are headed.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports


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