More weed shops than McDonald’s or Starbucks in Oregon

Marijuana: It’s legal for medicinal use in twenty-three states and for recreational use in four. It is safe to say that the “drug” is going to be legal everywhere in the country sometime this decade.

Oregon will be the next state to have recreational marijuana everywhere in the state on October 1st (happy birthday to me). Shop owners seem to be preparing for the rush as “weed shops” are popping up all over the place.

There are so many shops that even two of the world’s largest chains are outnumbered. BroBible shared some shocking numbers that state these shops outnumber both McDonald’s and Starbucks in the state of Oregon. That is not too terribly surprising with as much steam marijuana has gained along the West Coast.

Oregon, Colorado, and Washington all have legalized recreational marijuana, with Alaska just recently joining them.

There are currently 310 shops in Oregon, 269 of them being medicinal shops and the other forty-one yet to have opened. There are only 205 McDonald’s stores and 248 Starbucks shops. Subway is the only fast food chain to outnumber these shops with 328.

If Taco Bell were smart, they would open up more restaurants in Oregon ASAP. I hear that cheap-beef tacos are a stoner’s best friend.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports


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