Video: Novak Djokovic tries to imitate Hulk Hogan, fails

During the second set of the Wimbledon final on Sunday, Novak Djokovic was pretty upset about some calls that led to him dropping the second set to Roger Federer. He decided that he would take out his frustrations on his shirt, Hulk Hogan style.

You can see that it didn’t work out too well. It was pretty comical to watch one of the top tennis players in the world hilariously fail in his Hulkster “tribute.”

What a way to ruin a nice shirt on national television.

To be fair, Hogan never really ripped his shirt out of frustration. It was part of his gimmick and he usually did it to get the crowd behind him.

He also never had to it to a fresh shirt just out of the box. Any wrestling fan, or any observant person, knows that the collar of Hogan’s shirts already have a slit cut into them for easy ripping. Hogan was also never trying to tear a dri-fit polo either.

Of course, I would never tell the man with the legitimate “24-inch pythons, brother” that he wasn’t actually ripping his shirts. That would be like telling Stone Cold Steve Austin that he doesn’t really drink beer on television.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports