Video: Dana Holgorsen double-fists free Red Bull

If you asked me who Dana Holgorsen was, I would be able to tell you that he is the head football coach at West Virginia. Most people don’t think just that makes an impression on people.

So, what if I told you Dana Holgorsen was the 44-year-old coach who claims he drinks over 1,000 Red Bulls in one football season? Yeah, now I have your attention.

Holgorsen has made it very clear he is a huge fan of the energy drink that claims to “give you wings.” SB Nation shared a video of the coach walking around the lobby at the Big 12 Media Days when he met two of his favorite girls: the Red Bull Girls.

Red Bull was at the event giving out free drinks and Holgorsen could not have been more happy.

At least Holgorsen got the sugar-free cans. How can you not think that there is really a 20-year-old college frat boy who is trying to stay awake studying for finals trapped inside Holgorsen’s body?

Holgorsen really loves his Red Bull. I mean REALLY loves it. He claims that he will drink an absurd amount of energy drinks in one season.

“So we’re talking around 185 days,” Holgorsen said. “I would say somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000.”

Wow. So the next time you hear Holgorsen criticizing his players about drinking a Coke or something, all you have to do is point to his left hand. There is probably a Red Bull in it.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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