Video: Fowling is your new favorite tailgate activity

Cornhole, horseshoes, or just playing catch are all great things to do when tailgating and waiting for the big game to begin. Those can also get boring after playing them week after week. We are always looking for new ways to have fun and one man has combined two of America’s favorite things to do.

“Fowling” is a combination of football and bowling. No, you are not putting on pads and tossing a twelve-pound ball at each other and trying to give each other concussions. You are bowling with a football and without a lane.

Chris Hutt shared his new game invention with USA Today’s For The Win and it certainly looks like something I will be replicating for parties this football season.

So, you are certainly not a Peyton Manning when throwing the football or a Jason Belmonte when in the lanes, but now you can have some great fun in your backyard. Just don’t win the game and give a reaction like Pete Weber.

That certainly wouldn’t be a good look on your part.


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