Video: John Cena grants wish for kidney transplant patient

WWE superstar and United States Champion John Cena is the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s top wish granters in their history. He has granted nearly 500 wishes since he has gained his popularity and Kenneth Harmon was no different.

Cena appeared on ESPN’s My Wish segment Tuesday night and it was one of the more inspirational stories that the segment has produced. Kenneth, or KJ, was born with a dysfunctional kidney. He was finally given a new kidney last October, but was told he would never be able to play any kind of contact sports.

So he is an avid professional wrestling fan. He wanted to meet his favorite wrestler Cena. He finally got that opportunity earlier this year.

I don’t see how you can hate Cena after seeing this and knowing what he does for kids. Yes, he is one of the most pushed talents in the company since Hulk Hogan in the 80’s and he may not be the most talented guy in the ring. This has nothing to do with in-ring competition. This was about a man being a positive role model for a young boy who desperately needed the encouragement.

What makes me even more upset is the fact that some “smarks” will claim that Cena exploits these kids for his own gain. Maybe Cena is just someone who is genuinely a good dude and wants to make kids feel better.

What would you do if you were easily the most popular person in one sport?

While I may not be a fan of his in-ring skills, I will always applaud Cena for what he has done in the last ten years. I would love to shake the man’s hand one day for all he does. I’d go right back to booing him later on in the show, but I would love to thank him.

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